Dear Sir/Madam,
The Ministry of Commerce of Qinghai Province sincerely invites you to attend the 2008’ Qinghai Transnational Company Investment Fair.
Qinghai Province is located in the northwest of China, on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world, covering an area of 720,000 km2. It is a famous province in China, because of the abundant resources. By far, 129 kinds of minerals have been discovered in Qinghai. Among the discovered minerals, the storage of 54 kinds rank the top 10 in China, 9 kinds rank first in China. Being on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it is the origin of the Changjiang River, the Huanghe River and the Lancang River, which gives Qinghai rich water energy resources. Qinghai is one of the top 5 pastoral areas in China. The characteristic animal resources, Chinese-Tibetan medicines, non-polluted agricultural products are the foundations of the development of agriculture and stockbreeding industry in Qinghai. Qinghai has a long history, processing a large number of historical sites. As an area with many ethnic groups, Qinghai has a unique folk-custom culture and a lot of ethnic cultural heritages. Tourism industry is now becoming a key developing industry in Qinghai.
A large-scaled business and investment fair, the 2008’ Qinghai Transnational Company Investment Fair, organized by The Ministry of Commerce of Qinghai Province, will be held from July 29 to 31, 2008 in Xining, the capital city of Qinghai. During the Fair, we will organize activities such as the Symposium about the Investment Environment of Qinghai, Key Projects Discussion, Summit Forum, Signing Ceremony and Investigation Tours. In order to ensure that this Fair could achieve a good result, Qinghai Province has put forward some 100 projects with local characteristic resources for you to select and invest, and all these projects have great value to develop.
We invite you, domestic and foreign entrepreneurs to attend the 2008’ Qinghai Transnational Company Investment Fair. And we hope that you could know Qinghai and have a further understanding of Qinghai through this Fair, which will lead you to invest in Qinghai. We are sure that your investment will be a success in Qinghai, and finally both you and us will achieve a double-win cooperation in Qinghai Province.
Welcome to Qinghai, the Province with beautiful scenery and rich resources.

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